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The avian species migrated back from temperate regions during the onset of spring and successfully constructed nests and initiated the process of oviposition, so ensuring the propagation of their offspring. However, the avian character within the virtual realm of the game Flappy Bird made the peculiar decision to establish its nest at a very inconvenient location. In order to obtain sustenance, she must go a considerable distance. On this particular day, she made the decision to opt for a more direct route by navigating through the airspace above the ongoing building site. The actions undertaken by the protagonist can be deemed imprudent; yet, with assistance, she will be capable of deftly and cautiously surmounting any challenges that arise. The pipes are suspended from an above structure and emerge from the ground, necessitating the need to navigate through the narrow space between them. Alter the vertical position by making contact with the avian entity and navigate through the game environment with a level of proficiency akin to employing a trump card in the popular mobile game, Flappy Bird.

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