Solar Technician II

at Miller Bros Solar
Location Albany, NY
Date Posted August 13, 2023
Job Type Full-time


JOB TITLE: Solar Technician II
To perform corrective, preventive, and emergency maintenance and operations safely and efficiently for assigned solar power facilities.
Essential Functions of The Job
Perform preventative maintenance on equipment as scheduled.Respond to dispatches to sites for troubleshooting equipment malfunctions / failures.Document site issues and resolutions.Prepare timely reports.Record time as required in software systems.Participate in meetings, in person or remotely.Ensure that work is performed in accordance with Environmental and Safety requirements.Perform work independently and/or in work crews.Travel to sites as requested; occasional distance or overnight travel.Other tasks as assigned.
Educational Requirements
2-yr technical degree or equivalent Journeyman certification/qualification preferred.
Competencies Needed
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Knowledge of basic electrical equipment.Knowledge of applicable safety and environmental regulations.Understanding of general workplace safety and ability to follow safety standards as well as help the company improve upon the standards in place.Excellent hands-on abilities with strong technical skills.
Strong people skills.Ability to excel in a collaborative, cross-functional and geographically diverse organization.Ability to establish and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with all site individuals.Strong collaborator, assisting others when necessary and appropriate.Open and honest communication style.Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing with others in varying position levels.Ability to read, write, understand, and communicate in English.Ability to effectively summarize information for key decision makers.
Emotional intelligence.Professionalism.Strong work ethic.Detail-oriented.Ability to approach new challenges with creativity.Ability and initiative to solve problems, adding value to the company.Responsive.
Strong computer and software skills – Microsoft Office programs and aptitude for learning new software programs.
Ability to work overtime and non-standard working hours (nights) as required.Travel required as needed.
Minimum Experience and Special Requirements
One or more years of experience in a power plant or PV Solar O&M/EPC experience.Two-plus years of field experience with significant I&E, I&C and/or C&I Electrician experience will be considered in lieu of applicable solar experience.Experience with a multitude of electrical/construction projects.
Work Environment
Normal plant and/or office environment, including working at heights, high/low ambient temperatures, and high humidity areas.Requires standing, sitting, walking, kneeling, twisting, climbing stairs and ladders, and entering plant equipment to access, inspect, or collect data on plant equipment.Requires use of personal protective safety equipment (i.e., respirators, safety glasses, hard hat, appropriate footwear, ear plugs, and more).May be required to work around rotating and energized equipment, hazardous materials, and chemicals.Occasionally requires lifting to perform duties and responsibilities. (See physical and mental requirements.)
Reasonable Accommodation for Disability
Any employee, who believes that a reasonable accommodation is required for purposes of federal or state disability law is required to contact Human Resources to begin the interactive exchange process.
The Employee is an “at-will” Employee subject to termination (with or without cause) or resignation at any time.
The information provided in this description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by incumbents within this job. It is not designed to be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, qualifications and working conditions required of employees, assigned to this job. Management has sole discretion to add or modify duties of the job and to designate other functions as essential at any time. This job description is not an employment agreement or contract.
Applicable state laws will apply.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:Balancing: Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, or crouching on narrow, slippery, or erratically moving surfaces. (3-6 hours per day)
Bending and Stooping: Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist. (3-6 hours per day)
Climbing: Ascending or descending ladders, scaffolding, ramps, poles, and other devises using feet and legs and/or hands and arms. Body agility is emphasized. (0-3 hours per day)
Climbing Stairs: Ascending or descending stairs to gain access to a building or to move from one floor to another. (0-3 hours per day)
Crawling: Moving about on hands and knees or hands and feet. (0-3 hours per day)
Light Carrying: Physically transporting items weighing less than 15 pounds from one location to another. (3-6 hours per day)
Moderate Carrying: Items weighing 15 to 44 pounds. (3-6 hours per day)
Heavy Carrying: Items weighing 45 pounds and over. (0-3 hours per day)
Fingering: Picking, pinching, typing, or otherwise working primarily with fingers rather than with the whole hand or arm. (3-6 hours per day)
Grasping: Applying pressure to an object with fingers (including thumb) and palm. (3-6 hours per day)
Kneeling: Bending legs at knees to come to rest on one or both knees. (3-6 hours per day)
Light Lifting: Raising objects under 15 pounds from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from one position to another. (3-6 hours per day)
Moderate Lifting: Objects 15 – 44 pounds. (3-6 hours per day)
Heavy Lifting: Objects 45 pounds and over. (0-3 hours per day)
Mobility Requirement: Enough to walk sites for audits or meet others in the field. (3-6 hours per day)
Pulling Hand over Hand: Using upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects in a sustained motion. (0-1 hours per day)
Pushing: Using upper extremities to press against something with steady force in order to thrust forward, downward, or upward. (0-1 hours per day)
Reaching above shoulder: Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction. (0-1 hours per day)
Repetitive motion: Substantial movements of the wrists, hands, and/or fingers for sustained periods of time. (3-6 hours per day)Sitting: Particularly for sustained periods of time. (0-3 hours per day)
Standing: (3-6 hours per day)
Walking: Moving about on foot, particularly for long distances. (3-6 hours per day)
Visual Requirement: Enough to be able to see and read PC screens; detect color coding, read fine print, and/or normal type size print (6+ hours per day)
Hearing Requirement: Enough to hear others talking. (6+ hours per day)
Other Physical Requirements: Drive for extended periods of time on occasion. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to understand, remember, and apply oral and/or written instructions or other information. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to understand, remember, and communicate routine, factual information. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to understand complex problems and to collaborate and explore alternative solutions. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to understand opposing points of view on highly complex issues and to negotiate and integrate different viewpoints. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to organize thoughts and ideas into understandable terminology. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to organize and prioritize own work schedule on short-term basis (longer than one month). (0-3 hours per day)
Ability to organize and prioritize work schedules of others on short-term basis. (0-1 hours per day)
Ability to organize and prioritize work schedules of others on long-term basis. (0-1 hours per day)
Ability to apply common sense in performing job. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to make decisions which have moderate impact on immediate work unit. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to make decisions which have significant impact on the immediate work unit and monitor impact outside immediate work unit. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to make decisions which have significant impact on the department’s credibility, operations, and services. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to understand and follow basic instructions and guidelines. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to complete routine forms, use existing form letters and/or conduct routine oral communication. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to compose letters, outlines, memoranda, and basic reports and/or to orally communicate technical information. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to communicate with individuals utilizing a telephone; requires ability to hear and speak effectively on phone. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word, communicating orally with others accurately, loudly, and quickly. (3-6 hours per day)
Ability to make informal presentations, inside and/or outside the organization. Speaking before groups. (0-1 hours per day)
Ability to compose materials such as detailed reports, work-related manuals, publications of limited scope or impact, etc., and/or to make presentations outside the immediate work area. (0-1 hours per day)
Ability to formulate complex and comprehensive materials such as legal documents, authoritative reports, official publications of major scope and impact, etc., and/or to make formal presentations. (0 hours per day)
Ability to count accurately. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide and to record, balance, and check results for accuracy. (6+ hours per day)
Ability to compute, analyze, and interpret numerical data for reporting purposes. (0-1 hours per day)
Ability to compute, analyze, and interpret complex statistical data and/or to develop forecasts and computer models. (0 hours per day)
EQUIPMENT / DEVICE OPERATION:List all computers, peripherals, and other hardware required to perform this job: Computer, Cell Phone, Electronic Metering Device
Lis all computer software required to perform this job: Microsoft Office, Adobe, Business Software
List all office machines required to perform this job: Printer, Scanner
List any other machines (including heavy equipment) required to perform this job: Power distribution equipment
List all tools involving manipulation that are required to perform this job: Metering devices, hand tools, power tools
List all vehicles that must be operated to perform this job: Drive pickup truck over distances. Possible forklift, possible aerial lift
Miller Bros. Solar, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $28.00 - $42.00 per hour

401(k) matching
Dental insurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Paid time off
Vision insurance


Monday to Friday
Weekend availability


Electrical: 2 years (Required)
Commercial Solar O&M: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: In person

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